Brendon Anderson from Grandiflora Nurseries

“We have been working with SLTEC Fertilizers for several years now, however 12 months ago SLTEC developed an online website that enabled us to see our drain water quality data in simple trend line graphs”, reported Brendon Anderson, Senior Grower, Grandiflora Roses.

“We had many years of water quality data and numerous spread sheets going to try and make sense of things. The Balanced Agronomy website now has all my data confidentially available for us to use at any time. We can also allow our international consultants to log in and review our information as well and this helps us both in guiding possible changes in our fertilizer blends at various stages throughout the growing season.”

“I now have the luxury of seeing trends before we make critical changes to our hydroponic nutrient ratios.”

“For example, if we get a drain water sample showing a nutrient is particularly low, before changing the formulation we load the laboratory result into Balanced Agronomy and see how it is going relative to the historical trend line and the critical interpretative standards SLTEC and our consultants have established. This has meant that we have been able to temper our adjustments and not over correct issues. Without the trend lines established we wouldn’t be as confident in fine tuning our program”, Brendon said.