Why Consider Liquid Fertilizer?

As the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) issue continues to evolve daily, we want to share with you our position at SLTEC Fertilizers and the preparations we are undertaking to mitigate any potential impact on our service to our clients.

Therefore, in conjunction with our COVID-19 policy, we want to communicate to our clients where SLTEC may be able to support them during this time.

  1. As an essential component in the agricultural supply chain, we will remain open for business and have put in place contingency plans to deal with any foreseeable issues. Click here to read our COVID-19 Policy.
  2. We acknowledge every business will have their own policies and we will be making every effort to adhere to them, along with our own requirements. Working together to ensure that all parties are kept safe at all times.
  3. Letting our clients know where we can assist them in this ever-changing landscape.  We have detailed below some of the advantages in using our liquid range of products during these times of heightened OH&S.

Reduced Labour 

The handling and application of SLTEC Fluid fertilizer is often a simple, one-person operation.

  • No extra farm labour is required in the loading and using of our fertilizers. Depending on the container size, it is an easy process for a single person to connect an IBC or tank to a fertigation unit or to pump a product into a spray tank with minimal fuss.

OH&S – Considerations

Keeping staff safe in their interaction with others but also their day-to-day tasks.

  • No augers and/or bins required – depending on your application method it could be as simple as a pump and a hose.
  • No lifting or breaking of bags – simply plug in to the vessel and suck the uniformed product out.

*please consult with your SLTEC representative to assist in getting you set up with minimal hassle.



SLTEC’s logistical capabilities and tank hire/sales system makes delivering large amounts of liquid fertilizers simple and convenient.

  • Our team of drivers will ensure they have been briefed by our customer service department and be in contact with the client regarding their COVID-19 policy. SLTEC will maintain open communication with any property they are entering to ensure the safety of all parties.
  • SLTEC’s Tanker fleet have up to 7 compartments in a B-Double Truck allowing us to deliver several products to a single client or multiple clients, saving on freight.


Contact us for more information.

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