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Congratulations to the Australian Red Wine of the Year Winner

SLTEC’s Andrew Hall has been working closely with Vineyard Manager Carlos Souris, to refine nutrient management at Tolpuddle Vineyards. SLTEC congratulate the Tolpuddle team on their recent Australian red wine of the year win.

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Website Mockup

New Website Launch

We are proud to have launched our brand new website.

It is designed to work well across all devices; Phones, Tablet & Notebooks.

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Baseline Plus™ and Cal Mag & Boron™ against Soluble Solids

Customer wanting to use liquids instead of soluble solids due to the time and difficulty in dissolving the latter.
To achieve greater efficiency of nutrient application (ease of application) while producing an equivalent or better standard of cell.

QuadSHOT Almond Trial Root Results

QuadSHOT Almond Trial

As a part of SLTEC’s commitment to R&D, we have initiated a range of bio efficiency trials in major Almond growing areas. Our aim is to ensure that we are not only delivering cost effective liquid fertilizer options; but also inputs and advice that assist you to improve and maintain the productivity and sustainability of your soil.

Wheat Background

Product Range Revamped

The SLTEC list of products now has a fresh new look, after a 12-month review prompted a reorganisation of the standard range.

Regional agronomist for Tasmania and southern Victoria Andrew Hall, who is based in Tasmania, says the process has led to clearer communication with dealers and growers.

“With SLTEC eight years old, we had a large volume of products in the catalogue, many of which were developed for grower requests,” Andrew says.

“We felt it had probably become hard for people to come to grips with, so we’ve reorganised it to emphasise key products and those which are most widely used.

“We always say to people, this is our ‘off-the-rack’ range, but if you want something for particular needs, one of our specialities is providing custom blends.”.