SLTEC’s Commitment to Quality

Can your fertilizer supplier give you this sort of quality assurance?

SLTEC® is committed to delivering quality products and services. We continue to put a tremendous effort into ensuring that our products meet the tightest quality parameters.

  • We carefully select the ingredients we use in our formulations from suppliers all over the globe.
  • We routinely seek independent laboratory testing to confirm the levels of all nutrients listed on our product labels. We also regularly test for heavy metals or other contamination.
  • Our blends are developed by our formulation chemist, who has now developed over 400 different blends, some of which have been servicing very sensitive crops in hygienically clean glass house environments.
  • We invest annually in formulation research and advanced chemistries for the fluid fertilizer and industrial water treatment sectors.
  • Our team has specialized formulation software that aids the development of each blend, from basic chemistry building blocks into complex and sophisticated formulations for applications such as hydroponics, foliar fertilizer, fertigation, water treatment etc.
  • Our batching and mixing systems are calibrated every 6 months by an external certifying body.
  • Each batch must meet a variety of tests and quality specifications before being released for dispatch.
  • Our labels state accurately the nutrient content of each blend and comply fully with state and federal legislation and the Fertilizer Australia Labelling Code of Practice.
  • We retain samples of each and every blend made with a unique batch number, enabling traceability of batches.
  • Our staff are qualified and thoroughly trained to ensure our products and services remain at the highest standards of excellence.

In summary, quality is an absolutely essential component of the culture and processes at SLTEC® and we pride ourselves on it. Development, manufacture, storage, labelling and transport of our products is carried out in a manner that aims to provide our customers with the assurance that the products they receive are of the highest quality, ready to use and will deliver the outcomes desired.