Boomaroo Nurseries

“We have been using SLTEC’s fluid fertilizers since 2006 and have been impressed with the consistency and quality of the blends they deliver”, said Jeff Beavis, Senior Grower, Boomaroo Nurseries, Lara Victoria.

“Over this 7 year period we have worked closely with SLTEC to refine our nutrient programs to gain the best responses with our range of crops and production systems.”
“In January 2013 we asked SLTEC to do a major reformulation of our A & B blends and added a range of trace elements that we were previously adding in addition to what they supplied us. The new more concentrated blends have taken the margins of error out of our process and mean that we don’t need to allocate a senior staff member to supervise fertilizer blending processes.”

“Moving to SLTEC fluids has also meant that we have reduced our manual handling and OHS risks associated with fertilizer bag handling and mixing. It has also meant the elimination of the need to conduct regular and detailed inventory stock takes on raw materials as the
1000 L IBCs supplied by SLTEC have everything we need mixed in them and the stock take is over in seconds.”

“One of the other benefits we have found in working with SLTEC is that they have a skilled and professional formulations team that we can consult in developing crop specific nutrient blends.”

“In February 2013 I visited the SLTEC Tongala facilities and was really impressed at the design and layout of their facility and the quality of staff supporting their growing business”, Jeff concluded.