Frasca Farm – Wine Grapes

Frasca Farm is a family owned, diversified business in Mildura, Victoria. As a core business, they grow new wine grape varieties and undertake contract harvesting and other machinery related vineyard operations to Sunraysia growers. They are dedicated to producing high quality wine grape varieties with the precise parameters that wine makers are looking for. Frasca Farm is a highly successful, well established and expanding business.

“We have been using SLTEC Fertilizers for more than 5 years continuously. We have observed consistent results in fruit quality and quantity. The SLTEC agronomist in our region is constantly monitoring the nutrient levels of the soil and plant tissues as well as customising our fertilizer programme. We are provided with enough guidance on timing and how we should fertigate to maximise our results. Over the last few years we have made the switch to using solely Liquid Fertilizer products. This has been very beneficial as we are saving a lot of time and operational costs compared to when we relied on solid fertilizer. We are no longer worried about our nutrient programme, as SLTEC Fertilizers is providing consistent results year in, year out.”
– Larry, Fred & Matthew Frasca