D & T Garraffa – Table Grapes

D & T Garraffa Pty Ltd is a well-established, large scale table grape business located in Euston NSW. The business grows quality table grapes including Crimson Seedless, Thompson Seedless, Autumn Royal and Red Globe for international and domestic markets. The company is committed to producing high quality fruits with premium colour and size and extended shelf life to meet our customers expectations.

“I have been using a complete SLTEC Fertilizer programme for the last two seasons. If has definitely helped me to grow and maintain the high quality of fruits that I am always aiming for. My SLTEC Regional Agronomist has always provided enough information on soil and plant tissue testing and the nutrient status of my farms. This has helped me to understand the correct timing and how to maximise the benefits of appropriate fertilizer applications to match crop requirements. Using liquid fertilizer has minimised physical handling and generally made things easier. Quality fruit from quality fertilizer.”
– Donny Garraffa, Director