Why Choose SLTEC Fertilizers?

SLTEC Fertilizers is a leading manufacturer of fluid Fertilizers based in North Central Victoria.

Our Promise

SLTEC Fertilizers is committed to supplying consistently high quality products.
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SLTEC Fertilizers will ensure that your fertilizer inputs maximises the return on your investment.

SLTEC Fertilizers will provide professional, logistical and agronomic support to ensure a sustainable relationship.

Research & Development Focused

We are passionate about innovation. We are consistently developing new blends to meet crop requirements and optimum efficiencies as new information becomes available.

Agronomic Support

Not only do we provide industry leading Fertilizer Blends but we provide agronomic support to ensure you make the most of your investment.

Prescription Blends Available

We have the facility to develop prescription blends to ensure your crop receives the exact nutrients that it desires.

Why Use Fluid Fertilizer?

  • Efficient and highly plant available
  • Can deliver many nutrients with a single application
  • Small and frequent applications reduce leaching and runoff
  • Foliar and Fertigation options allow flexible application timing unlike relying on broadcast applications
  • Consistency of product and uniform application across the soil
  • Nutrients infiltrate to the root zone where maximum uptake is achieved
  • Foliar application particularly of trace elements avoids tie up in the soil
  • Can be mixed with a variety of farm chemicals
  • Labour savings and improved workplace safety

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Who are SLTEC Fertilizers?

SLTEC is a leading manufacturer of fluid Fertilizers, based in North Central Victoria. The business was established in 2005 by the McMaster family, who for several generations have worked in the horticultural, irrigation and fertilizer industries, both throughout Australia and overseas.

The uptake of fluid fertilizer technology has accelerated over recent years with wide acceptance in Horticulture, Broadacre, Dairy and a variety of other industries.

SLTEC considers itself an innovator in the fluid fertilizer space and has forged a strong alliance with a major US manufacturer. The companies work together in Research & Development and raw material acquisition.

SLTEC itself has a strong research and development focus and carries out activity including formulation advances, fertilizer compatibility and field trials with the assistance of growers, agronomists and independent consultants.

SLTEC’s manufacturing plant is a world standard, high-volume operation supplying product to a wide range of eastern seaboard customers, including some of Australia’s largest corporate agricultural producers.

There are currently more than 70 standard formulations on SLTEC’s product list, and they also manufacture custom blends to meet the clients nutritional requirements

Centrally located in North Central Victoria. Right in the middle of some of Australia’s premier growing regions.