Baseline Plus™ and Cal Mag & Boron™ against Soluble Solids

Customer wanting to use liquids instead of soluble solids due to the time and difficulty in dissolving the latter.
To achieve greater efficiency of nutrient application (ease of application) while producing an equivalent or better standard of cell.

QuadSHOT Almond Trial Root Results

QuadSHOT Almond Trial

As a part of SLTEC’s commitment to R&D, we have initiated a range of bio efficiency trials in major Almond growing areas. Our aim is to ensure that we are not only delivering cost effective liquid fertilizer options; but also inputs and advice that assist you to improve and maintain the productivity and sustainability of your soil.

NitrologiCAL PLUS TE – Pasture Application

During the summer of 2012–13 Andrew Hall, SLTEC Fertilizers’ agronomist for Tasmania and southern Victoria, collaborated Rob Jones from Roberts Irrigation to set up a fertilizer injection trial at a ‘Janefield’ dairy located at Meander in Tasmania.