QuadSHOT® Trials – 2014/15 Season

QuadSHOT Almond Trial Root Results

As a part of SLTEC’s commitment to R&D, we have initiated a range of bio efficiency trials in major Almond growing areas. Our aim is to ensure that we are not only delivering cost effective liquid fertilizer options; but also inputs and advice that assist you to improve and maintain the productivity and sustainability of your soil.

QuadSHOT® is a unique organic soil conditioner made from Kelp, Fish Emulsion, Molasses, and Humic acids. The ingredients of QuadSHOT® are combined with the aim of stimulating soil biology, improving soil health, nutrient cycling and the subsequent uptake of applied nutrients. Generally, organic/biological inputs will help to stimulate long term changes in nutrient uptake efficiency and subsequent plant health and product quality, rather than simply providing immediate increases in crop yield. Therefore it is often a challenge to prove short term results arising from applications of these types of organic inputs.

During SLTEC’s recent trials (Robinvale VIC), QuadSHOT® fertigated at 30 L/ha has stimulated an increase in soil microbial activity in the Almond tree root zone. We were able to measure this as a function of emissions of soil CO2 from the beginning of the growing season and importantly a consistently warmer soil in the QuadSHOT® treatments. This was an average of 0.7°C higher than the control over the 56 day testing period.

Desirable %

Desirable Soil Pie Chart

% in QuadSHOT Treated Soil

QuadSHOT Soil Pie Chart

% in Control Soil

Control Soil Pie Chart

During our trials, application of QuadSHOT® resulted in an increase of soil temperature consistent with a rise in soil microbial activity.

This effect on improved soil temperature in the rootzone during the early August flowering period is seen to be advantageous for early root development and nutrient uptake (Almond Board Fact Sheet 02, March 2008)

Temperature Difference Graph
Soil CO2 Emittance

Tissue analysis of Almond leaves from the trial sites has also indicated improvement in many nutrient levels where QuadSHOT® has been applied.
These findings will be further investigated with ongoing trial work.

Leaf Molybdenum Level Graph
Leaf Magnesium Level Graph
Leaf Iron Level Graph
Leaf Copper Level Graph