Now is the time to be foliar applying nitrogen.

There are currently great opportunities to use nitrogen (N) in extensive pasture systems to fill feed deficits and produce additional fodder surpluses in spring.

Nitrogen fertiliser is most effective in grazing systems when the pasture is actively growing, there is good soil moisture, and the feed can be conserved or utilised.

However, we cannot wait for rain.

The advantage of foliar fertiliser applications are;

  • Highly efficient as taken in by foliage
  • Eliminates the need to wait for rainfall
  • Even distribution of nutrients

SLTEC® Liquid Fertilizer options can significantly boost your pasture production, especially in colder months when nitrogen fixation and mineralisation slows.

If nutrients taken out of the soil by grazed pasture are not continually replaced, then you put your pasture at risk of becoming sub-optimal and less productive or profitable.

Establishing optimal nutrient levels and maintaining those levels will ensure you get the most out of your pastures. Soil and tissue testing are great tools to ensure that these nutrients are adequately maintained in your soil and taken up by the pasture in adequate amounts. Monitoring in this way allows the farm manager to identify and amend nutrient limitations early.

SLTEC® has highlighted four products that can assist in ensuring your pasture maintains its optimal growing capacity by providing your nutritional requirements.

Please contact SLTEC® Fertilizers to discuss your specific requirements.

Key Product Options