Broadacre Nitrogen Fertiliser Options

Liquid fertilisers can provide valuable management tools for in-crop nutrient decisions, below are a few nitrogen options;


UAN (GG0017)

42.5% nitrogen

Winter Boost (GG0179)

38.5% nitrogen, 2.2% calcium, 0.1% manganese,
0.2% zinc, 0.05% copper

UAN, Moly, Boron & Fulvic Acid (GGCB0133)

40.3% nitrogen, 0.1% potassium, 0.04% molybdenum,
0.2% boron, 0.5% fulvic acid

UAN + Zn & Cu (GG0178)

40.6% nitrogen, 1% zinc, 0.2% copper

UAN + 1% Zn (GGCB0147)

40.7% nitrogen, 1.0% zinc



SLTEC® can also offer a range of trace elements and stimulant that can be mixed into the above products.

Application notes:

Water should be added to the application as required. A minimum of 70 L/ha total applied should be adhered to.

No foliar fertilizer should be applied in the below situation:

  • The crop is stressed in any way from waterlogged or drought-affected
  • A day before or after any frost event
  • Any wet foliage – the dew should have dried before application.
  • Any weather event where you should not apply ag chemicals.

Before tank mixing with any other fertilizer or ag chem product please consult your advisor or SLTEC agronomist.

Extensive Product Range

SLTEC® Fertilizers has an extensive range of fluid fertilizer products to suit your specific circumstance.
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