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QuadSHOT® contains a carefully selected range of organic additives and biological stimulants. These ingredients stimulate soil biological activity, thereby improving the cycling and availability of plant nutrients and soil fertility and health. Together with management practices that enhance organic matter and soil structure development, this product assists in mobilizing available nutrients and improving plant uptake efficiencies.

Humic acid – increases nutrient holding capacity of the soil
Kelp – enhances plant and root growth development
Fish Emulsion – stimulates nitrogen cycling
Molasses -promotes beneficial soil biology
Each of these stimulants are also available as individual products

Benefits of QuadSHOT®

• Improves saline and sodic soils

• Improves the moisture holding capacity of soils

• Enhances nutrient cycling and availability

• Can be blended with a wide range of SLTEC products to improve plant uptake efficiencies – (check SLTEC Compatibility Chart)

• QuadSHOT can be used to soften a range of foliar fertilizers, allowing higher use rates without the potential for phytotoxic burn* –
e.g. Nitro QUAD 3 and UAS QUAD 3

• QuadSHOT® is designed to aid in the soils mineralisation and nutrient availability. It also increases the plants uptake efficiency of essential minerals.

• Improves overall soil health and vitality.

Guaranteed Analysis
Fish Emulsion8.0%
Humic Acid6.6%
Fulvic Acid0.26%
Nitrogen (N)0.4%
Phosphorus (P)2.6%
Potassium (K)3.1%
Calcium (Ca)0.2%
Iron (Fe)0.006%
SG1.10 to 1.20
pH2.5 to 3.5

Typical Application Rates


1 to 5 L/ha
Broadacre use at least 100 L/ha water
Horticulture use 200 to 2,000 L/ha water


20 to 60 L/ha through sprinkler, traveller or drip systems

Pop-Up, At Planting, Directed Soil Spray

Banded with Seed: 4 to 7 L/ha
Banded to the Side: 5 to 15 L/ha
– with 10 to 100 L/ha of water

20 to 60 L/ha as a directed soil spray, prior to planting or banded under canopy, with 200 to
800 L/ha water, or irrigated in after application.