Nitro Trace Range

A premium range of single trace elements and blends with a high level of compatibility and plant uptake.

  • Cost effective & high performance compared to other products on the market
  • High analysis allowing for low application rates
  • Rapid plant uptake due to high plant availability
  • Compatible with a wide range of SLTEC fertilizers, specifically UAN and AN plus other high nitrogen blends and agricultural chemicals
  • Flexible packaging options from 10 L to IBC

Zinc: Required for chlorophyll production, protein synthesis, development of growth hormone auxins; boosting the height of the plant and is involved in plant uptake and water use. Zinc also plays an important role in wheat protein levels.

Copper: Integral component in photosynthesis and is essential in the formation of enzymes required for respiration, energy and growth. Also helps regulate water movement in the plant.

Magnesium: Necessary for chlorophyll production and regulates uptake of other elements; notably phosphorus.

Manganese: Essential for chlorophyll production, photosynthesis and aids in nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism.

Guaranteed Analysis

Nitro Cop:
Cu 22.7%, N as Nitrate 10.0%

Nitro Mag:
Mg 8.9%, N as Nitrate 9.8%

Nitro Mang:
Mn 24.0%, N as Nitrate 12.2%

Nitro Z:
Zn 19.3%, N as Nitrate 8.3%

Nitro Z at 1 L/ha provides enough zinc for a 4 t/ha crop of wheat

Nitro Cop at 300 mL/ha during stem elongation will help improve the formation of grain

Give your winter cereals the trace boost they need!