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SLTEC Green and Gro® products take the hassle out of fertilizing through irrigation systems.

Green and Gro® liquid fertilizer is a convenient and effective way to fertilize your crops. Our products don’t require you to handle, mix and dissolve solid fertilizer, thereby reducing labour, requiring less equipment and reducing OH&S risks.

Green and Gro® products are designed to provide crops with just the right balance of nutrients to produce premium crops.

The Green and Gro® range of liquid fertilizers are concentrated nutrient solutions that offer farmers convenience and efficiency in managing the nutrition of their soils and crops.

These products are primarily designed to be applied with irrigation water through drip, under-tree sprinklers and overhead systems in a process known as fertigation. They can also be applied to the soil as a directed spray or injected as a band into the soil. Green and Gro® fertilizers can be used on a wide range of crops including deciduous fruit and nut trees, wine and table grapes, olives, citrus and row crops such as vegetables, tomatoes and corn.

Green and Gro® products provide:

  • Provide high analysis, 100% dissolved nutrients, and uniform blends
  • Use chloride FREE potassium sources
  • Are suitable for fertigation in tree, vine & row crops
  • Can have humic acid & other additives blended where required
  • Are available in custom blends for specific crop & soil needs
  • Are delivered to farm in 1000 L shuttle or true bulk
  • Come with on farm storage & fertigation injection advice
  • Are supported by an experienced agronomy & technical team

For more information see the SLTEC Fertilizers Product Catalogue