COVID-19 SLTEC® Fertilizers Update

Dear valued member of the SLTEC community,

As the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) issue continues to evolve on a daily basis, I want to share with you our position at SLTEC Fertilizers and of the preparations we are undertaking to mitigate any negative impact on our business and our customers.

We have been putting plans in place to ensure we are able to continue to provide our growers and dealers with the consistently high quality fertilizers and support you are used to, whilst at the same time protecting the health and wellbeing of our staff, our freight providers, our suppliers and the community at large.

As has been clearly seen in the governments’ response to this issue, the best way to minimise the risks of this virus and to slow its spread through our community, is to limit the amount of contact between people.  As such, SLTEC Fertilizers response to the virus have been geared towards this outcome.

As these determinations are happening daily by health authorities, we will ensure that our lines of communication remain open with you regarding the actions we are taking as we all work through this situation together.

Some of the steps we have put into place include:

  • Face-to-face meetings with growers, dealers and suppliers, particularly indoor meetings, will be discouraged. Where possible, these meetings will be conducted via video conferencing tools;
  • Non-essential business travel, including to events and conferences, will be avoided;
  • Transport operators attending the SLTEC site will be prohibited, wherever possible, from leaving their vehicles;
  • Cleaning, hand-washing and sanitization at the SLTEC site has been greatly enhanced.

With these steps in place we believe we can continue to service our valued customers, whilst ensuring we have done all we can to minimise the spread of this virus.

The current status of our operations are:

Manufacturing: We will be continuing production as per normal and have sufficient capacity to meet current and future customer needs.

Facilities: We have implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols in our facilities.

Supply Chain: We are forward planning to counter any potential delays we perceive that could occur with raw materials and other critical components in our operations.

Inventory: We are optimizing production to allow us to provide inventory at our Tongala site to ensure we meet our client’s needs.

Shipping: Our freight and logistics operations are fulfilling orders without delay or impediment.

Business Travel: We are limiting non-essential business travel for our agronomy team which may limit their availability in some instances for face to face meetings.

Customer Service and Technical Support Operations: Our Customer Service and key managerial staff are already well equipped with IT resources to allow remote telephone and systems access to be able to stay in contact with our customers as well as provide order processing capabilities.

Agronomy Team: Our Agronomy team will continue to service our clients needs to the best of their abilities and are also well equipped to work from any location. Whilst this may see a decrease in face to face meetings, we will ensure we maintain strong communication in other mediums including phone and video conferencing.  Face to face meetings will be undertaken on a case by case basis and only where both parties deem it necessary and agree to strict meeting protocols.

With our business efforts aligned around providing optimum performance in sub-optimal conditions, we are committed to providing our customers the best results we can.  This is obviously a challenging time for everyone but by working together, we can limit the impact of this virus and hopefully return to normal life as quickly as possible.

With kind regards,
The team at SLTEC® Fertilizers